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Transfer funds

From now on, you will transfer funds to your card by yourself.
Top up your account:
1. Dial the access number 800 90 19 00 or 22 330 19 00
2. Enter your card PIN and press #
3. Enter the PIN of the top-up card and press #
4. Done!
After topping up your account, you can make a call or top up your account by transferring funds from another card.
Fast and simple.
Do you want to transfer funds to another card? Please, contact the Customer Service Office calling to 801 881 900 or 32 270 48 89.

Make calls more comfortable

- call without a PIN code

When you activating the Telegrosik account, you don’t need to enter card’s PIN code each time. To top-up the account you need to enter a PIN code just once and your account will be automatically topped up with the value of the card.



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