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From home telephone

To make a call from a home phone:

1. Dial a free access number 800 901 800 (prompts in English).

2. Enter your card number (PIN code). – /If you don’t want to enter your card number (PIN code) every time you make a phone call – create a Telegrosik account./

3. Dial the phone number you want to call and press #

  • e.g. Germany 00 49 ... ... ... #,
  • e.g. Warsaw 22 ... .. .. #,
  • e.g. Polish mobile phone number 602 ... ... ... #

4. You will hear how many minutes you can speak for and your connection will be made.


Practical advice:

There is no need to hear greeting messages.
You can enter the card number and destination number as soon as you get connection with Telegrosik.

Make calls more comfortable

- call without a PIN code

When you activating the Telegrosik account, you don’t need to enter card’s PIN code each time. To top-up the account you need to enter a PIN code just once and your account will be automatically topped up with the value of the card.



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