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The easiest way to combine Telegrosik cards is to create Telegrosik account. Combining the resources on the cards is made automatically on the Telegrosik account.

No, you don’t need to change your phone operator.

No, it won’t. When you call through a free access number, the total payment for the connection will be drawn from your Telegrosik card.
Your telephone bill will not be charged with any connection costs.

No, you don’t need a phone card. 
To make calls from a public phone you must have a Telegrosik card.

Absolutely not. Please DO NOT ever insert a Telegrosik card into the telephone (public phone).

Just pick up the phone and without inserting any cards dial a free access number 800 90 19 00 or 800 90 99 00.
When a connection is made enter your card number (PIN code) and dial the subscriber number to which you want to call and press a # (button #).

No, just buy a Telegrosik card and you may start using it.

It’s easy. Dial a Telegrosik access number 22 330 19 00 (charged as a local connection according to the rates set by your mobile operator), then enter your card number (PIN code) and dial an international number you are calling. At the end press # (button #). 

Calling from a mobile phone on a 800-type access number is not possible. To make a call with the use of Telegrosik from your mobile phone you must dial Telegrosik access number  22 330 19 00 (charged as a local connection according to the rates set by your mobile operator).

The total cost of international call consists of:

  1. Cost of the call to access number 22 330 19 00.
    It is charged as a standard connection with landline number. The amount of fee depends on rates of your mobile operator and is charged for the whole duration of the call.
  2. Cost of the international call
    It is charged from your Telegrosik card according to the price list.

Make calls more comfortable

- call without a PIN code

When you activating the Telegrosik account, you don’t need to enter card’s PIN code each time. To top-up the account you need to enter a PIN code just once and your account will be automatically topped up with the value of the card.



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