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International calls (to mobile)

It’s never been so cheap!
Only 0,49 pln/min

for mobile calls to: United Kingdom, Germany, France, Austria, Spain, Slovakia and Luxembourg.


Cheap international calls to mobile phone (United Kingdom, Germany, France, Austria, Spain)



to other European countries and Australia
- also from 0,49 zł/min (Promotion 5+10)

International calls to mobile phones

Promotion 5+10 (regulations)
If your phone call abroad to mobile phones lasts for 5 minutes, the Promotion 5+10 gives you 10 minutes more for free. This means your connection between 6-15 minutes is completely free of charge.

Promotion 5+10 covers:
calls to mobile phone numbers to the following countries:
Australia, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, South Korea, Latvia, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Sweden.

In order to benefit from this Promotion 5+10 and get 10 minutes for free you need to have at least 7,35 PLN balance on your card or Telegrosik account which allows to carry a 5 minutes phone call.

Full list of countries and phone calls’ rates can be found on the price list.

Make calls in a more comfortable

call without a PIN code

When you activating the Telegrosik account, you don’t need to enter card’s PIN code each time. To top-up the account you need to enter a PIN code just once and your account will be automatically topped up with the value of the card.


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